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Blk Dating App Owner

who owns blk dating app

The Owner of the BLK Dating App: Meet His Story

This dating app was developed with the intention of creating an empowering and inspiring platform for the African-American community. The BLK Dating App was founded in 2015, and it has come a long way since then. It now stands as a source of inspiration for many African-American singles when it comes to their love life.

The owner of the BLK Dating App is Jonathan Kirkland, a 34 year old entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois. In 2018, Jonathan took the plunge and founded the BLK Dating App in order to revolutionize the online dating experience for the black population all across the United States. He wanted to create an atmosphere where African-Americans could meet, mingle, and even find their soul mate.

One of the main goals of the BLK Dating App was to bridge the gap between the diverse communities of the United States, so Jonathan created the app with diversity and inclusion in mind. He believes in creating an environment where African-Americans can thrive and find the connections they are looking for. With more than a million users, BLK Dating App is one of the most successful and popular dating apps around.

Jonathan also strongly belives in the occasional networking events and informational seminars organized by the dating app. His main aim is to create an enriching atmosphere where African-Americans can meet and make meaningful connections with like-minded folks.

Jonathan`s Professional Journey

Jonathan Kirkland is a self-made entrepreneur and executive with a diverse portfolio of success across multiple industries. He grew up in a small Midwestern town, and his road to success was anything but easy. Jonathan was motivated by the determination to make something out of himself and, indeed, he did.

He went on to get a degree in Business and Economics from Pinson College. With his newfound knowledge, Jonathan started small — he launched his first venture back in 2011, a digital marketing agency, which continues to thrive. After that, he founded a few other companies, such as an app development agency and a real estate investing firm.

But that`s not where his success story ends. In 2015, inspired by the idea of helping African Americans find their ideal matches and build meaningful connections, Jonathan launched the BLK Dating App.

By 2016, the app was named “Best New App” by Slate Magazine and received widespread acclaim from various online blogs, magazines, and publications. Jonathan has since been awarded several awards such as “30 Under 30” and “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

The BLK Dating App has continued to grow under Jonathan`s leadership — from 1 million users to millions of relationships, the app is becoming one of the biggest success stories in history. Jonathan`s infectious commitment and enthusiasm for the app have seen it scale heights many online platforms only dream of.

Jonathan`s Values

Jonathan believes that everyone deserves to find their perfect match, so he strongly encourages users to do what it takes to make the most out of their experience on the app. His strong values and beliefs of creating a diverse and inclusive space are reflected in the app`s design and features.

The app was created with the idea of helping people connect based on their needs, interests, and values, so mutual respect and understanding are encouraged. BLK Dating App strongly enforces a no discrimination policy, which is clearly stated on the website.

At the core of Jonathan`s values is the idea that the app is, primarily, a space for connecting with and expressing respect for fellow humans, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and other parameters.

The values that Jonathan has instilled in his app have inspired it to become one of the more successful online dating apps available today. He continues to work hard in order to make the app as successful and as impactful as possible.

The Future of BLK Dating App

With millions of users and countless relationships formed on the app, Jonathan has achieved his goal of revolutionizing the online dating experience for African-Americans all across America.

Jonathan`s journey is an inspiring story of how one man`s vision and courage can create an empowering space for the black community. He is still dedicated to making BLK Dating App a powerful platform for building relationships and finding love.

With Jonathan`s inspiring story and undeniable success, the future of the BLK Dating App looks brighter than ever.

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