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Cost Of Classical Conversations

how much does classical conversations cost

What Is the Cost of Classical Conversations?

Classical Conversations is an educational program that focuses on helping students become proficient in the areas of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Through the program, children are taught to think logically and critically, as well as to communicate effectively. Classical Conversations provides a unique learning experience for students, as it combines elements of the classical model of education and homeschooling into an interactive environment.

About the Cost of Classical Conversations

The cost of Classical Conversations depends on the specific program that the student is enrolling in. For example, the most popular program offered by Classical Conversations, known as the Foundations Program, costs $600 per academic year. This cost includes materials, community meetings, and assessments. The Foundations Program is geared towards students in kindergarten through 4th grades. In addition to this standard program fee, Classical Conversations students may choose to enroll in Challenge A or Challenge B programs, depending on the age and learning level of their student. Challenge A is for students in grades 4–6, and Challenge B is for students in grades 7–12. Both Challenge A and Challenge B programs cost an extra $300 per academic year for an additional fee. The cost of enrolling in a campus with Classical Conversations will also vary depending on the campus location and the age of the student. Generally, Classical Conversations campuses cost $100-$300 per semester or $400-$600 per year.

Other Fees Associated with Classical Conversations

In addition to the fees associated with enrolling in Classical Conversations, there are other costs students should be aware of. For example, materials such as text books, curricula, and supplies may be necessary for the program and must be purchased separately. Depending on the student`s age and learning level, these materials may cost up to $150 or more. Additionally, students who choose to enroll in a campus-based program will need to pay for the ts costs associated with travel and lodging. Depending on the specific campus location, these costs can add up quickly.

The Benefits of Classical Conversations

Despite the cost of enrolling in Classical Conversations, many families find that the program is well worth the investment. The program provides students with the opportunity to become well-rounded, independent thinkers with proficient language and communication skills. By studying the basic elements of the classical model, students are better equipped to pursue college and successful careers after high school. Additionally, Classical Conversations provides students with a sense of community and belonging. Participating students and their families make up a close-knit network that offer support to each other in their education journeys. Therefore, families who join the program often become life-long members of the community.


Although the cost of enrolling in Classical Conversations can vary depending on the program chosen and the specific campus, many families find that the program is an invaluable investment that is well worth the cost. Not only do students receive an education that focuses on the classical elements of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, but they also gain a supportive network of peers and families who become lifelong members of the Classical Conversations community.
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