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flirting at work when married

flirting at work when married

Flirting at Work When Married: A Guide on What`s Acceptable and What`s Not

Flirting at work when married can be a tricky subject. On the one hand, it`s natural for married people to be attracted to other people, so it`s not a bad thing to be friendly with co-workers. On the other hand, if you go too far and cross boundaries, it can be detrimental to your marriage and even lead to a sexual harassment complaint. So what is the appropriate balance between being friendly and flirty and being professional and respectful when married and working in the same office?

Guidelines for Flirting at Work When Married

The first thing to consider when deciding if it`s appropriate to flirt at work is your relationship with your spouse. If your relationship is strong and you both support one another, then it`s probably ok to engage in some harmless flirting with colleagues. However, if you and your spouse are having difficulties or aren`t sure how they will respond to your behavior, then you should proceed with caution.

Next, consider the type of flirting you plan to engage in. Simple things like saying hello, smiling at colleagues, and making a joke are all likely to be considered acceptable. However, physical contact like touching someone`s arm, sitting too close, or engaging in too much teasing may be seen as crossing the line.

Finally, consider the impact of flirting at work when married on others. If your co-workers feel uncomfortable or threatened by your behavior, they may feel the need to report it. Additionally, if your behavior seems like a sign of an extramarital affair, it can lead to gossip and even affect how you are viewed by your colleagues.

What to Avoid when Flirting at Work

When married and working together, it`s important to make sure your behavior is professional. This means avoiding any sexual innuendos or jokes, as well as engaging in overly intimate conversations. It`s also important to ensure that you don`t flirt with any of your higher-ups or subordinates, as this could be perceived as taking advantage of power dynamics. Additionally, don`t give colleagues gifts or do anything that may make them feel like you are pressuring them into a relationship or showing favoritism.

How to Flirt at Work Without Crossing the Line

The key to flirting at work when married is to be subtle and respectful. Compliment people on their work and be kind and encouraging. Exchange friendly banter and be sure to show respect to your colleagues. If you feel like your behavior is getting out of line, take a step back and remember that you are married. Above all, be sure to keep things professional and limit your interactions to non-threatening conversations.


Flirting at work when married can be tricky, but it doesn`t always have to be off-limits. As long as you follow the guidelines outlined above, you can engage in light flirting without compromising your marriage or crossing any lines. Just remember to stay professional and be sure to respect your colleagues and your spouse.

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