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What Is A Romance Language

what classifies a language as a romance language?

What is a Romance Language?

A Romance language is any of the modern languages that descended from Latin which was spoken by the ancient Romans. Examples of such languages include Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Galician, and many others. These languages are found in all parts of the world, and share some characteristics that allow them to be classified as Romance languages.

What Characterizes a Romance Language?

Romance languages are characterized by Latin grammar, including verb conjugation, noun declension, agreement and more. Their grammar also influences their syntax, meaning the order of words in a sentence. Since these languages are derived from Latin, it is not unusual to find words that are related to Latin in the Romance languages.

Romance languages generally share similarities in speech and pronunciation. These patterns of linguistics lend themselves to the idea of dialects of the language. The words used in a language can vary from place to place, but many of the underlying rules remain the same.

Another major difference between Romance languages and other language families is that most of the Romance languages have preserved diacritical marks, which are accents and marks that are used in many languages to indicate pronunciation. This is why language learners will often see words that have accents or marks in one language and not in another.

Another trait of Romance languages is the fact that many of them share the use of two major writing systems, although they employ minor differences. Latin script is often used, but Romance languages are sometimes written in Cyrillic too. This alphabet is the alphabet used by the Russian language which has its roots in Greek and also features some Latin letters.

In general, Romance languages share commonalities with other Romance languages, whether it be in their phonology, or their orthography. Even though there are exceptions to each of these rules, such as the fact that Catalan does not use diacritical marks as other Romance languages do, there are still many similarities the languages share that allows them to be classified together.


In conclusion, Romance languages are languages that descended from Latin and have characteristics that separate them from other languages. These characteristics include Latin grammar, cognates, and sometimes physical writing systems such as Latin script and Cyrillic. These traits unite the Romance languages and demonstrate the continued strength and influence of Latin.

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