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Why Do I Cringe At Romance

why do i cringe at romance

Why Do I Cringe At Romance?

Romance can be a beautiful thing—but for some of us, it comes with a cringe factor. What is it about romance that can make us instinctively cringe and potentially block ourselves from experiencing the joys of it?


One of the main culprits behind our cringing at romance is uncertainty. When it comes to romantic relationships, things can become quite complicated as we try to balance feelings, attractions, insecurities, and expectations. Trying to understand it all can be overwhelming, and uncertainty can compound this effect. On a more basic level, uncertainty can also come from not knowing how our actions may be received by the person we are romantically interested in. No-one wants to embarrass themselves or put themselves in a vulnerable situation, so having to navigate these waters can cause us to be more cautious and close off from romantic prospects.

Fear of Rejection

Another major factor in cringing at romance is the fear of rejection. Rejection can be a very hard emotion to deal with, and so it`s no surprise that the thought of going through it can be a source of anxiety and discomfort. The fear of rejection may make us hesitant to make romantic moves, or it may cause us to overthink things so much that we end up not making our move at all. It can also lead us to sabotage our potential relationships by being too closed off or aloof, or too harsh and judgmental.


Romantic relationships require work, and many of us hesitate to take on the commitment that comes along with them. Trying to make things work can be quite stressful; we may come up short on expectations or we may be faced with difficult situations that strain the relationship. It can even make us question our self-worth or place insecurities we weren`t aware of into the mix. The possibility of failure can be a major source of stress when it comes to romance. We don`t want to go through the trouble of establishing a relationship, only for it to fail. That fear drives us away from wanting to enter the uncertainty of relationships, which leads to more cringing from romance.

A Need for Control

Finally, another reason why we may cringe at romance is because we want to control the situation. With a romantic relationship, there are many aspects and emotions that are out of our control. We can`t always predict how our significant other will act, and this lack of control can cause distress and scrutiny. Clinging to control can lead us to be overly critical of our partners and their behavior, or it can lead us to be hard-headed in our view of things as we avoid giving up control. This in turn can hurt our relationship in the long-term and make us more hesitant when it comes to wanting to enter into a romantic connection.


We all have our reservations when it comes to romance, and these can manifest in different ways. Whether it is fear of rejection, the uncertainty of a relationship, or the overwhelming commitment, cringing at romance is a natural reaction for many of us. However, understanding why we have discomfort towards romance can help us overcome it. If we recognize our need for control or identify fears of rejection, then we can take steps to help develop healthier attitudes towards relationships. Opening up to the potential of love can be a beautiful thing, and if we learn to confront our reservations, we can move away from the cringing and enjoy the beauty of romance.
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